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Veronica G

Page history last edited by Veronica Ganzhi 14 years ago

Here is your very own webpage! To make changes, click on the "Edit" tab above. Then you can click and type in this section just like you would in Word. Follow your rough draft exactly. There will be time to make more changes later.


Do NOT spend time worrying about making your page look exciting at this point. After all your information is typed, we will work on adding pictures and formatting. Then you can get really creative! This is YOUR webpage, after all! 


Make sure you put a title at the top, and remember to erase these directions when you are done!


REMINDER: Click the SAVE button below every few minutes so you don't lose your work! Enjoy! 


I. The Beautiful , Fluffy Kinkajou

   In the amazing forest of the amazon lives an incredible critter called the kinkajou. My fascination for this simply adorable kinkajou is a very interesting and intelligent kinkajou.My journey with you exploring the wonderful world of the kinkajou!

II Family Of The Kinkajou

    The family  of this sensational mammal is theraccoon. The Kinkajou is related to THREE different animals the raccoon , coati , and honey bears! Scientists have not yet found a name for a group of these animals!

                                        III . features Of The Kinkajou

    A beautiful Kinkajou looks as sweet as honey ! But what we don 't know is that 

kinkajous look like honey bears. Kinkajous are a brownish , tan color . a kinkajou is about three feet long and ninety one centimeters  including its long tail . Kinkajous are also woolly , yellow , and brown color.

IV .Habitat Location Of A Kinkajou

     It lives in the tropical rainforests of southern Mexico and Brazil. Kinkajous migrate and or hibernate in the winter . No, Kinkajous  do no have a range .

V. Diet

       The  sensational kinkajou eats insects , fruits ,  or eggs. A kinkajou like a spider lurks on a branch waiting for its prey  to come along . Then quickly snatches the creature with its touge  and eats the animal !


VI.Its enemies


      Yes i know what your thinking do kinkajous have natrual enemies  ? Well yes they do they are some coatis , wovles , and bears.

VII. Self Defense

        Self defense is sometimes known as karate , but not for  the kinkajou. It's self defense is camouflage. A kinkajou is brownish , yellow almost the color of a trees bark. Because of its fur its able to hide from its preditors .









Comments (1)

Ms. Davis said

at 10:46 am on Apr 13, 2009

Hi Veronica! I love your project so far. I know you must have a lot more information to add. I really like some of your sentences! I have some suggestions, too. You do not need to put a space before a comma - only after. Also, make sure that your headings are all correct. A few times you wrote "kinka" instead of "kinkajou."
Keep up the good work! Come on down to the library to catch up if you need to!

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