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Smailhyn R

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The Superb Life of the Toco Toucan 

 Toco holding onto tree branch.

Toco toucan holding onto tree branch.


                                                  I. The Amazing Life of the Toco Toucan

  In the wonderful rain forests of Argentina there lives a wonderful creature called the toco toucan. This amazing bird fascinated me because it's the largest toucan of all. My journey with you to the canopy will teach you about the magnificent life of the toco.

                                                  II. Relatives

     This fabulous animal is related to the aracari and the toucanet. The toco toucan is from the bird family. What is a group of them called? Well I'll tell you a group of toco toucans is  called a flock. Which means there is about six birds in a flock. There are forty types of their species. All toucans are from the Ramphastidea family. 

                                                  III. What does it look like?

     The toco toucan looks like a big bird with a colossal bill that's eight inches long and three inches high at the base. This fabulous bird probably uses its beautiful colorful bill to attract a mate. The toco toucan is mostly black all over. The toco toucan's head and neck is white. Its huge bill is black,orange,red,and yellow. The toucan's bill has little waves that are vertical. The toucan's bill  isn't heavy as it seems because its bill  contains a numerous amount of air pockets so it's actually not that heavy. The toco  toucan is twenty - five inches long (sixty - four centimeters). The toucan's tongue is narrow that resembles a feather.

                                                   IV. Toucans Ways to Life 

     Where does it live? We'll the toco toucan is found in Central and South America that mean that you can find this bird in Guatemala, Argentina, and Bolivia. This bird doesn't migrate because it's always warm in the rain forest and the canopy. The toco toucan can only fly for a little while because of its square like wings.



Maps of Bolivia Guatemala and Argentina.                                                                                                        


                                                  V. Staying Fit in the Rain Forest 

     The toco toucan is an omnivore (means that it eats meat and fruits) and mainly eats small fruits, insects, frogs, snakes, lizards, spiders, and bird's eggs. The toucan's bill is so huge that it uses it to reach for its  food if it's to faraway. The toco also uses its bill for cracking nuts and other hard foods.

  Toco toucan pecking at fruit.

Toco toucan pecking at fruit. 

                                                  VI. Predators 

     The toco toucan's enemies are the jaguar, man, and large cats. Man is the toco toucans worst enemy because people are destroying its comfy home. Also because man is killing this bird for its outstanding colorful bill and feathers. 

                                                  VII. Attacking Back  

          The toco toucan fights back with it incredible sharp and oversized bill to defend its self. Predators would think once before trying to attack the toco toucan. The toco toucan  also uses its wild screech to scare away predators.

                                                  VIII. Babies Are Born 

Baby toco toucans getting ready to be fed.     Toucans reproduce once a year from March to May. Between  sixteen through eighteen days baby toucans are born. A female toucan lays  from two to four white  glossy eggs. Baby toucans are called babies or chicks. Toco toucans can live up  to ten to twenty years old. A female toucan is different from the male because  a female's bill is a  little more square like than a male's bill  that's kind of curved. 





Baby toco toucans getting ready to be fed.  

       IX. Human Lovable 

     This totally amazing bird is sometimes captured by humans and they keep these terrific birds as pets. Though sometimes humans start destroying their habitats and start killing them for their precious features. 

                                                  X. How Many Are Left? 

     The population of this species in uncertain but is decreasing. The toco toucan is not endangered but is being killed by people for its marvelous features.

                                                  XI. When It Sleeps 

     When a toucan sleeps it turns its head so that its bill rests on its back. The tail is folded over its head and it soon becomes a feathery ball.

                                                  XII. Getting Around the Rain Forest!

          The toco toucan doesn't have to keep warm because it lives in the canopy of the rain forest. In the canopy

of the rain forest it's very warm. The toco toucan doesn't need to adapt to cold wheather because it's always

warm in the rain forest!

                                        XIII. Altitudes of A Bird 

     The habits a toucan has is that it spends almost all its life time up in their hollow tree hole. Toucans also because of their bills have their heads down all the time.

                                                   XIV. Special Abilities 

     The thing that's so eyepopping about the toco toucan is that when it chirps it sounds like a frog or toad's croak. Also that it's very playful. A toucan can't sing though it can only chirp. A toucan is also curious and sociable animal.

                                                   XV. End of Our Journey!         

     Thus, that is the end of our tour of the toco toucan now you'll be a genius when you are asked something

about this fascinating bird.  As you went with me on  our journey don't  forget that the toco toucan's home is being destroyed by humans they aren't just destroying their homes though but also  alone with its  food. So there will soon be  no more toucans left. LONG LAST THE ASTONISHING TOCO TOUCAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

 Toco toucan flying.

Toco toucan flying. 


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Ms. Davis said

at 8:32 pm on Apr 11, 2009

Hi Smailhyn! You have done a great job on this report! Here are a few suggestions to make it even better. You need to make sure that every word is spelled correctly. You have great details about the bill of the Toco Toucan - are there other details about other features you can add?
Keep up the good work!

Smailhyn Rodas said

at 12:44 pm on Apr 15, 2009

Ok thank you. =)

Smailhyn Rodas said

at 5:05 pm on Oct 8, 2009

Wow i remember this it's when i was in fifth grade now im in 6 grade

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