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The Amazing Emperor Tamarin 


        I. Introduction

     The Emperor Tamarin is an amazing animal! It has a lot of cool things to learn about. I love this animal and I really hope that you will too. This animal is great when you really get to know about it! I will start by telling you what family  it lives in.                

                                                     The Empeor Tamarin.


   II. Family

     The Emperor Tamarin belongs to the Marmoset family.This animal is related to the monkey and looks like the monkey too. When you first see the Emperor Tamiran you  will probably think it looks like a monkey  but it is not it is  a Tamarin.

                III. Characteristics


          The Emperor Tamarin looks like a very small monkey. The color of this animal is a mix between  grey, red, and white. This Emperor Tamarin can grow from 22-26 inches. When you see this Emperor Tamarin it is very small when you are looking for it and you can not find it that is because it is so small.


     IV. Habitat


          The Emperor Tamarin live in the lowland evergreen Forest in the rainforest. They are in Brazil,Peru,or Bolivia. They also go in places that are in 75-100 aceres of open land. They also live in trees. They spend a lot of time in trees.

             V. Eating Habitat

     The Emperor Tamarin Eats a large  variety of things. They eat insects, ripe fruit, nectar, and other things that you will find in medium sized branches. The Emperor Tamarin spend most of its day looking for food and traveling for food. The Emperor Tamarin also gets its food from under small plants that grow on the trees.

The Emperor Tamarin on a branch eating. 


  VI. Enemies

     The Emperor Tamarin has many enemies. They are Owls, Jungle Cats, Wild Dogs, Snakes, Hawks, and Eagles. Sometimes the Emperor Tamarin and other Tamarin fight. Rarely they fight to death.


           VII. Defending Itself


     The Emperor Tamarin defends itself by sending other messages to each other telling that there is prey. The Emperor Tamarin also defends itself by hidding in trees. This is easy to do for them because they are the color of the branches.

  VIII. Young

     A Emperor Tamarin reproduces once a year. It takes four to five months before the baby is born. The baby Tamarins are very very small. The Emperor Tamarin lives to be Twenty or more years.


                      IX. Relationship to Humans

     Humans like to hunt Emperor Tamarins. They hunt them or they sell them as pets. A lot of places that Tamarins are hunting is alegal. Hunting is alegal here ,because the Tamarins are very endangered and  humans are still hunting them  eventhough they are endangered.


X. Extinct

     The Emperor Tamarin is in danger of becoming extinct. They are becoming extinct because humans are hunting them. So that is why there are not that any and when people do see them they will take them to sell or go to a zoo. Humans are also disordering there habitat.

The Empeor Tamarin With its young.  

XI. Sleeping Habits

     The Emperor Tamarin may be found sleeping in a hole in a tree. They also sleep in broad trees is little holes. Emperor Tamarin sleep in these holes because they are so small and that is where they can fit.


XII. Adaptations

     The emperor Tamarins small weigh helps it get from branch to branch. There tail helps them grip on the tress. They also live in the upper part of the rainforest witch helps them escape from there pray.

                                                                       XII. Habits

          The Emperor Tamarin has some habits and here they are. The Emperor Tamarin is very active during the day and he sleeps at night. The Tamarin is very small so it can move. The Emperor Tamarin is on the move a lot. They are very playful.


                    XIV. Interesting Characteristics 


          The Emperor Tamarin has a lot of interesting characteristics. The Emperor Tamarin was named after Emperor Wihelm II. People think this Tamarin is named after him  because of its long mustache.

                                                                      XV. Conclusion

     In conclusion, I think the Emperor Tamarin is so cool to learn about and it is a great animal! I would suggest for  everyone to learn more about it because it is a great animal. The thing that I like about this animal is 

that it has a long mustache and not a lot of animals have mustaches. PLEASE HELP SAVE THIS ANIMAL SO IT DOES MOT BECOME EXTINT.





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