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Magda B

Page history last edited by Magdalena Bassendowski 14 years, 1 month ago

Ocelot lying in the grass.




                                                                     The incredable ocelot             

      In the wonderful world of the amazon rainforest there lives a incredible creature called the ocelot.Let me take you on a tour of my amazing rainforest.    


The ocelot belongs to a cat family.A ocelot is related to medium sized central to south American cat. III.Features          

The ocelot looks like this it has a 15 inch tail and is as big as a house cat 3 times.It is spotted and its colors are brown white and black.                         `

                                                                 IV.Where the ocelot lives

The ocelot lives in central and south America.It does not migrate because it is a mammal.

                                                                 V.Eating Habits

The ocelot eats young deer,mice,woodrats,rabbits,snakes,lizards,birds,fish,and monkeys


 The ocelots enemies are eagles.snakes and hunters because they hunt for there precious soft fur.

                                                                     VII.Getting its food

The ocelot gets its food by hunting for animals mostly at night because most of the animals are asleep then   


The ocelot reproduces at any season.The babies of the ocelot are born to 79-85 days.There are 1-2 ocelots in a litter.the ocelots young are called kittens.The life expentancty of ocelots is 7-10 years in the wild and 20 years in captivity.

                                                                       IX. Relationship

The relationship between the ocelot and the hummin is good because people  used to have ocelots as pets a long time ago.                                                          

   A ocelot  




  The population of the ocelot is 217 but there is 100 in the united states.The ocelot is rare it is endangered because of its precious soft fur.

                                                                            XI.Sleeping habits

The sleeping habits of the ocelot are that the ocelot sleeps during the night. 



The climate the ocelot is adapted to is the warmness.The ocelot keeps it self warm by hiding in bushes and leaves.


The ocelots habit is that when she has a baby she always licks it so she is washing it. 


The characteristics of a ocelot are that it has spots and it is white, black, brown, and yellow.


Help save the rainforest the trees are being cut down and animals homes are being destroyed!          


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Ms. Davis said

at 10:50 am on Apr 13, 2009

Hi Magda! So far, you have shared some good information, and it is organized well. Please work on adding more to each paragraph. For example, in section IV. Where the Ocelot Lives, you should describe the habitat better. Also, make sure to put a space after each comma.
Keep working hard! You can come down to the library to catch up if you want!

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