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Lavaisha S

Page history last edited by Lavaisha Sparrow 14 years, 1 month ago


                                           The Black Spider Monkey 

  black spider monkey


                                                             The Black Spider Monkey 


                                          I  The Life of a Black Spider Monkey 


In the wonderful canopy of the rain forest there is a wonderful animal called the black spider monkey. This fantastic animal surprised me with it's life style. Also this fantastic animal surprised  me it's prehensile  tail and more!  My journey will take you on more info. Also when you finish reading you'll know everthing you need to know about black spider monkeys.                            


                                            II    The Black Spider Monkeys Family


        The wonderful black spider monkeys are related to a wholly spider monkey and the carbide monkey.               A group of spider monkeys are called a troop.


                                           III    The Spider Monkeys   Features

  A blackspider monkey looks like a spider . Also the color of a spider monkey is black. The black is 30-50 inches long.

                                         II II. The Black Spider Monkeys  Habitat 

          The black spider monkey lives in South America. Also the black spider monkey does not migrate. Also the range is South America and likes to live in wet parts of the Rain Forest. 


                                          VI.    The black Spider Monkeys Eating Habits

               The black spider monkey eats leaves,fruits,buds,flowers,roots,honey ,insects,bird eggs and sometimes bark. The black spider monkey gets it's  food from the tree tops.Also uses it's tale like a 5th limb.


                                          V.The Black Spider Monkeys Great Habitat

 The spider monkey lives in South America. Also the black spider monkey does not migrate . The range of a black spider monkey is South America.

                                         VII. The Spider Monkeys Enemies

                 Let's find find out what the spider monkeys enemies are. The spider monkeys natural enemies are the the hawk,eagle and the anaconda.



                                        VIII.The Spider Monkeys Defence

                                       Let's see how a spider monkey  defends it's self . The spider monkey defends it's self by screaming,barks and they throw sticks.


                                       XI.  The Relationship with Humans

                  The relationship between a human and a spider monkey is the zoo.  Also at peoples houses.


                                      XII.   The Population of a Black Spider Monkey

     So know you want to know the population of the black spider monkeys. The population of a black spider monkeys is unknown. Also the black spider monkey is becoming endangered.


                                                                      A black baby spider monkey.


                                                            XIII.The Reproducing of the Black Spider Monkey

              The spider monkey starts to reproduce at the age of 4-5years old.  The spider monkey gives birth at one at a time.The babies are called an infant and a baby. Also the life expectancy of the spider monkey is usually 1-30 years old.


                                                            XI III.   The Spider Monkey Habits

             Continue reading and find out the habits of a spider monkey . The spider monkeys lives in the canopy. Also they venture on forest floors.Live in evergreen trees.


                                                       XIV. The spider Monkeys Intersting Characteristics


             Let's continue our journey  and learn some fun characteristics.Male spider monkey is 38-48 centimeters long. The tale length is 63-82 long.and weighs about 9-10 kilometers. Females are 42-57 centermeters long and tail length is 75-92 longand weighs 6-8 kilometers . Spider monkeys have keen vision.Also they have slender bodies.


XV. Long Live the Black Spider Monkey!!                                    


 Therefore,so now you know all you need to now about the fantastic black spider monkey. REMEMBER thatpeople are cutting down the rain forest and you can help stop it by adopting land and boycotting the rain  forest.  Also the more they cut down the rain forest the more the spider monkey can be endangered or extinced. Also with many another animals,incest,birds and reptiles can be endangered or extinced. Also people slash and burn and when they do that they are killing 48 species of animals and insects for good. From the fire carbondioxde and when it does that the orbit around the earth gets thicker and thicker which causes the globel warning.Also we get our mends and much more from the rain forest.


                                                    A black spider monkey swinging from a branch.



                                                             Lavaisha sparrow                  




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Ms. Davis said

at 7:47 pm on Apr 11, 2009

Hi Lavaisha! You have some great information here. Here are some suggestions to make your report even better. Add some details to each section. For example, you write that the Black Spider Monkey lives in South America - where exactly does it live? Describe the part of the rain forest it lives in, too. Also, you need to make sure you are writing with complete sentences.
It looks like you need some help with the formatting of your wiki. I took off the numbered list, but I want to show you how to fix the rest. Come to the library for me to show you.
Keep up the good work!

Lavaisha Sparrow said

at 3:38 pm on Apr 16, 2009

your doing awsome

Smailhyn Rodas said

at 5:12 pm on Apr 16, 2009

you wrote the black spsider monkey and spider monkey for your titles a lot

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