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Katherine S

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I.Greeny Green Iguanas    

 In the beautiful world of the  rain forest lives lives a green critter called the Green Iguana. I chose the green iguana because I have a fascination's  for reptiles.Also I wanted to know why they are in danger of becoming excited.


II.    The family of the green iguanas are among many lizards and other reptiles.The green iguana is related to several  reptiles among the many . The green iguana travels alone .


III.  The green iguana looks like a scaly snake with legs  . The green iguana can be very green or a green red. The green iguana grows up to 6.6 ft (2 meters). The green iguana can also way up to 20 pounds (9.10 kg).


IV.  The green iguana lives in North,Central,and South America.the green iguana does not  migrate (hibernate). the green iguana will travel up 6 miles to find a nesting place.


V. The green iguana eats tropical fruit. The green iguana gets it food in tropical trees. (Green iguanas are great climbers  )  .


VI.  The green iguanas enemies are hunters/humans. Humman and hunters capture the green iguana and sell them to markets to make iguana burgers.Also cats and birds will catch the iguana and they will eat the green iguana.


VII. The green iguana defends its self by camouflage .Also the green iguana can hide under water . The green iguana can also use there tails as slashes(like knifes).


VIII. The femail iguana will travel several miles to find a nesting spot. The femail iguana can lay up to 57 egg at a time. Also the femail  iguana will stay with the eggs for several days then leave them alone on there own.


IX. The green iguana has a great relationship to other reptiles not so friendly to people. They are terrified of people.

The green iguanas are hunted by people and made into burgers.


X.The green iguanas are indangered of becoming extinct. The green iguanas are killed for food. Also caught for pets and have no room and they die.

                                                                      XI. Sleeping Habits

The green iguana is not nocturnal. (nocturnal-sleeps during the day and active at night).The green iguana sleeps for sevral hours then wakes for the rest of the day.

XII. Adaptation


The green iguana is a great adapter. The green iguana learns to adapt to its  inviorment they will die . Also they have  no were ells to live.



Some characteristics of the green iguana are. The can stay under water for a long time and they dont have gills.

Also they use there tails a a slash. 


Some habits of the green iguana are .Climbing trees and traveling. They also like to eat food.

XV.Long Live The Green Iguana


The green iguanas are endangered.I hope  hopefully that will change.there are many things you can do to save the green iguana. Please help the green iguana.









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