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Katherine S

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on March 31, 2009 at 12:40:57 pm

Here is your very own webpage! To make changes, click on the "Edit" tab above. Then you can click and type in this section just like you would in Word. Follow your rough draft exactly. There will be time to make more changes later.


Do NOT spend time worrying about making your page look exciting at this point. After all your information is typed, we will work on adding pictures and formatting. Then you can get really creative! This is YOUR webpage, after all! 


Make sure you put a title at the top, and remember to erase these directions when you are done!


REMINDER: Click the SAVE button below every few minutes so you don't lose your work! Enjoy! 


                                                               Greenny Green Iguana                                                                       I.     In the beutful world of the  rain forest lives lives a green criter called the Green Iguana. I chose the green iguana because I have a fasnation  for reptiles.Also I wanted to know why they are in danger of becoming exstinced.


II.    The family of the green iguanas are among many lizards and other reptiles.The green iguana is realated to several  reptiles among the many . The green iguana travels alone .




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