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Wildlife of the Rain Forest


Rain Forest 


Now that you have chosen your rainforest animal, it is time to begin your research. There are three basic steps in the research process.


Step 1: Gathering information

 Use your outline to keep you focused on what information is important. When you are taking notes, remember to use your own words. Also, do not take notes as complete sentences. 


Resource Requirements 

You need to use at least 4 resources in your research. These should include:


1. Database: The Grolier database is a great place to start your research. To access the database from home, see Ms. Davis for the password. 


2. Encyclopedia: Use the World Books under the window.


3. Non-fiction book: The library may not have a book on just your animal. Look for a book about your animal's family. For example, if you are researching a jaguar, look for a book on big cats. You can also look for general books on the rainforest, or even a book about a country that your animal lives in, such as Brazil. Use the online catalog from the library page to help you search for books in our library.


4. Website: Use your new evaluation skills (RADCAB) to find a high quality website. Remember that different search engines will give you different results. Spend some time picking the best website you can because your evaluation skills will be assessed by Ms. Davis. 


Step 2: Organizing your information


Before you can start creating your wiki page, you must organize your information. Use your notes to write a rough draft. Before you start typing, your rough draft should be edited and nearly perfect! Use your outline to help you organize your report.


Step 3: Publish your work!    



After you have perfected your rough draft, it is time to share your work with the world!  Use the links below to take you to your very own page. Directions for how to add information are on each page. Enjoy!



Capuchin Monkey Jaguar Kinkajou
Giant Otter Three-Toed Sloth Ocelot
Black Spider Monkey Brazilian Tapir Marmoset
Boa Constrictor Toco Toucan Harpy Eagle
Military Macaw American Crocodile Red-Eyed Tree Frog
Blue Dart Frog Army Ant Tarantula
Green Iguana Emperor Tamarin



(All images are from the Grolier website)

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