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Charisma V

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 The Rare Red-Eyed Tree frog Of The Rainforest






                                                     Red-eyed tree frog 


IRed-eyed tree frog of the rainforest

     In the sensational world of the rainforest there lives a creature called the Red-Eyed Tree Frog. Why the red Eyed Tree Frog fascinated me because it has bright green skin and bright red eyes. The understory will teach about the incredible and unique life of the red eyed tree frog.


     The red eyed tree frog is an intresting animal.The red eyed tree frog is an amphibian. Amphibian means''living two lives''.So the red eyed tree frog can live in water and out water. A group of red eyed tree frogs are called an army.


     The red eyed tree frog has large globe shaped eyes. It has sticky pads on the bottom of its toes. The red eyed tree frog has bright green skin and bright flashing red eyes. It grows up to be 3/4 inches or 25cm.


     The red eyed tree frog is found in the rainforest of Central and South America. They live between the leaves and trees in the understory. The bushes and leaves will hide from predators and from danger.

A snack for the red-eyed tree frog

V Diet

     Red eyed tree frog eats spiders,bugs,earth worms,crickets,and sometimes snails. The frogs sticky tongue shoots out and the the frogs grab the bug and have a healthy breakfast,lunch,and dinner. The frog crushes the bug and swallows it. 


     The Red eyed tree frog's enemies are birds, fish,snakes ,and bats. The frog uses camoflouge to hide it self from predators that are after them. The red eyed tree frog hides it self by hiding in the trees ,bushes ,and leaves.


     Red eyed tree frogs defend themselves by using camouflage or use their poisonous skin for no animal can eat any red eyed tree frog that lives in any rainforest around the world. Some frogs use their poisonous skin or their bright colors to let other animals that are hungry to back away.

  Red eyed tree frog's eggs

VIII Reproduction

     The red eyed tree frog reproduces in rainy seasons like in February and March. Babies are born about in two weeks. The red eyed tree frog lays about fifty eggs in one litter. When frogs are born they are tadpoles they can't jump they can only swim in a pond,lake, or a river like the Amazon river.

IX Relationship to humans

          There is no relationship to humans because all frogs are amphibians. The frog can live in water and no human can't live in water because they are not born with gills and some frogs are born with gills like fish. Humans can't jump ten feet high like the red eyed tree frog.


     The population of the red tree frog is unknown,but there are many tree frogs around the whole world in the rainforest. The red eyed tree frog is very rare because it can blend in with the bushes and trees that contain a lot of leaves

XI Sleeping habits

     When the red eyed tree frog is hiding it shuts it's eyes and it looks like it is sleeping.It shuts it's eyes when a predator is looking for it to have a snack. Then when the tree frog hears it coming it will open it's eyes and scare the animal away with it's stunning bright eyes.

XII Adaption

         The red eyed tree frog adapts to it's climate because it hides in trees and between 

the leaves.  The leaves and trees blend in with it's green color. It uses it's camouflage to hide from it's predators. 


XIII Habits

     The red eyed tree frogs habits are that they get in groups and sing a chorus after another chorus. The chorus that the red eyed tree frog sings last five minutes. They sing until midnight then they stop singing and get in groups the following day.


XIV Unique Characteristics

     The red eyed tree frog's unique characteristics is that it can jump as ten feet high in the air.Also it can blend in with leaves and trees.It can sing five minute choruses. The red eyed tree frog can be so small you might not even see it, and sometimes it can be six inches tall.


                          XV Long Lasting the Red Eyed Tree Frog

 Now your journey with me in the rainforest learning about the life cycle of the red eyed tree frog has ended, what is more important is the rainforest.Every year hundreds of trees are cut down and animal habitats are killed and destroyed, and animals are becoming endangered. So save the rainforest the home of the red eyed tree frog.Good bye for know.



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Ms. Davis said

at 11:13 am on Apr 13, 2009

Hi Charisma! You have done a great job, so far. I have a few questions, though. You can answer these questions in the report to make the paragraphs a little longer! I see that you wrote that the word "amphibian" means "living two lives," but what exactly does that mean? Why do the frogs sing together? Also, make sure you put a space after every comma, not before.
Great job, so far! If you come to the library, I will help you format your work cited.

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