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Benjamin H

Page history last edited by Benjamin Holmes 14 years, 1 month ago

I Hey You Brazilian Tapir



The Amazing Brazilian Tapir

     Deep in the South and Central America Rainforest,lives the Brazilian Tapir! The Brazilian Tapir inspired me by the way they look and how the Brazilian Tapir survives in the rainforest. Come with me on a sensational journey about the Brazilian Tapir!        


Brazilian Tapir Baby.

II Tapir's Classification


     The Brazilian Tapir is part of the mammal family. They are related to many animals.Horses, rhinos, hippos, and pigs. Scientists have not made a name for a group of Brazilian Tapirs so I will call them a pack.


     III Amazing Tapir Features


     Many people say that the Brazilian Tapir looks like a rhino, but really they look like a pig with a small trunk. They also have many colors. Black and White, Brown, Gray, and Black and white with gray dots. Most Brazilian Tapirs grow up to be six to seven feet long!


Brazilian Tapir Family.

IV The Tapir's Life Style


    The Brazilian Tapir lives in the tropical rainforest near water.They magrate by taking over a little hole under a tree with his/her mate. The Brazilian Tapir's range is around the tipCentral America's rainforest.


V The Tapir's Diet


     The Brazilian Tapir is a herbivore so it eats grasses, aquatic plants, fruits, and buds. The Brazilian Tapir eats his or her food by using its' trunk to grab fruit or dives into the water and plucks plants out of the ground.


VI Tapirs' Harmful Enemies


     The Brazilian Tapir has many natural enemies that you wouldn't even know. The tropical burning sun, bitting insects. jaguars, mountain loins, and humans. Humans are a big threats to Brazilian tapirs because they cut and burn their homes and shoot them for food.


VII Tapir's Battle Position


     If you think the Brazilian Tapir can't defend itself, well you though wrong!!! The Brazilian Tapir fights by bitting its enemies on the shine.They even do that when they mate!


VII Tapir Babies


     The Brazilian Tapir usually has babies in the spring or summer. The female Brazilian Tapir has a baby in four hundred days to have one baby.The Name of a Brazilian Tapir's Young is a calf.Sadly the Brazilian Tapir only lives  for fourty five years.

Brazilian Tapir with young.

IX Tapirs to Humans


     The Brazilian Tapir uses it's trunk to grad or shake fruit off a tree like we plunk apples off a tree. All Tapirs of the world have a population of one hundred to five hundred of their kind. The Brazilian Tapir is extinced because of visitors killing them for food and their fur. Good thing they can dive to save them selves.


X Nap Time


     The Brazilian Tapir is lazy because it sleeps during the day and is active at night to eat. Sometimes they sleep for the hole day.

Brazilian Tapir sleeping.

XI Survival


     When the Brazilian Tapir's home gets cold they move to another hole or nest under a tree. Well in the snow they run as fast as they can to get under a tree. Climing the mountains, they stick they claws into they ground to climb.

XII Every Day Routine


     Without thinking, the Brazilian Tapir always, eats, and swims like we do. Your all probably thinking to yourselves the Brazilian Tapir is Lazy, well you thought wrong. They are a master at swimming and food collecting. The reason the Brazilian Tapir always swims is because they trie not to get killed.


XII Good Bye Brazilian Tapir


     Well it was a long journey, but it was worth it. If you are wondering why the Brazilian Tapir is extinced, its because loggers cut down their homes and many other animals are dying as well. Help stop them and save the rainforest. Long l;ive the rainforest, long live the other animals, and long live the Brazilian Tapir 

Brazilian Tapir swimming.

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Ms. Davis said

at 8:25 pm on Apr 11, 2009

Hi Ben! Great work so far. Did you notice that you have the "Amazing Features" section written twice? Your information is interesting - I bet your could add in a few details to expand some sections. Please carefully check your spelling.
Keep working hard!

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