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Alexis C

Page history last edited by Alexis Caron 12 years, 8 months ago

 The Amazing Boa Constrictor!







I. The Beautiful Boa Constrictor

           In the Amazon Rain forest, you will find the beautiful boa constrictor. The boa constrictor fascinated me so I just had to write about it. Come with me on an adventure to the Amazon Rain forest. If you come with me to the Amazon Rain forest you can see the wonderful boa constrictor. Come and you can learn a lot about this fascinating animal. The boa constrictor can be many different colors but, will, almost, always have dark cross bands. Normally large families of boas have heat-sensitive scales. The boa constrictor is a very heavy snake out of the snake species. The color of a boa constrictor is highly distinctive variable but, the boa normally have a pattern on its back. However through the boa family the name boa is a common name thought by a group of a non poisonous snake of boidae (the boa family). The snakes that are part of the boa family the boa constrictor was voted the most population.                           

II. Family Of Animals

           The family the boa constrictor belongs to are boas and boidae.The boa constrictor is related to the Emerald tree boa, Pythons, Anacondas, and Large Star Coral Snake. All snakes in this family have tiny hind legs called spurs. None of these snakes are venomous. A group of boa constrictors is called boa. Isn't that fascinating?! That is all about family of boas.

III. Appearances

           The boa constrictor is a beautiful snake and it is also a scaled reptile.This magnificent boa can be any color, but also it often blends into the backround of its habitat. It is also a legless lizard than a regular lizard. A boa grows up to 30 to 40 inches.That is magnificent.That is appearances.

IV. Locations, Migrations, and Ranges

            This beautiful creature lives deep in the rainforest in Central and South America. The boa constrictor does not migrate. It only moves when predators find out where it is. Its range is that it blends into the background of where it is so predators cannot spot it. That is locations, migrations, and ranges.                             


              The boa constrictor eats by swallowing the animal whole. It waits in the water until a animal gets a drink then attacks and swallows it whole. Also a boa constrictor will wait on land until a victim might eat. Then, when it is the right moment, it will attack. It will attack by biting its victim. That is its diet.



               The boa constrictor's enemies are jaguars and some humans. The only humans that are enemies are the ones that are cutting down the trees in the rainforest. Jaguars will attack these beautiful creatures for food for them or their cubs. Humans will take away there habitats by cutting down trees in the rainforest. Those are the enemies.


                The boa constrictor defends itself by biting what ever is attacking it. It defends itself by biting because if it doesn't it will probably die from what ever is attacking it.  It would also hiss first then bite.That is how it defends itself.


               A Female boa constrictor reproduces only when it is in good condition. A majority of males do not reproduce each year. Some males do reproduce each year. It is up to at least 2 weeks before a new boa constrictor is born. At least 60 baby's are born each year. The young are called Larva. Boa constrictors live up to 20 to 30 years with rare acount's over 40 years. That is reproduction.


               The relationship between a human and a boa constrictor is that boa constrictors are pets. Boas are pets because people take them from the wild and bring them to the pet store and sell them. Humans can also adopt them if they are not in their habitat. That is relationship


               Nobody knows how many boa constrictors there are in existence. Nobody knows how many there are because there are so many around the world. The boa constrictor is an endangered animal because they are hunted for there skin. That is the population.

XI.Sleeping habits

              Boa constrictors are sometimes nocturnal meaning they sometimes sleep in day and sometimes at night,and they eather hunt during the day or at night. At night it is easy for the boa to get food because basically every thing is sleeping. Boa constrictors are interesting.That is the sleeping habits.


             The boa constrictor could not adapt to the weather in north America it would die. It would die because it is to cold or to hot. The only way it would survive is to make a habitat for it in a cage. Make sure it is in a big enough cage. Then put lamps over it,rocks in side it,andmake sure it is the write temperature. That is adaptation.


              There are only to places a boa lives.One is in a tree,and two is in a burrow. They slither up trees and get comfortable and go to sleep. They make burrows in the ground and sleep also. Those are the habits.


              A boa constrictors characteristics are they are scaly,they are any color,and patterns. There scales make them look like a snake but they also  have hind legs called spurs. They can also be any color there parents were. Those are characteristics.

XV.Animals are Dieing

              With out the rainforest the animals will become extinct. The boa will become extinct because the rainforest trees are being cut down. Boa constrictors and other animals are losing there habitats. Help save the environment. Help save the rainforest. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!






   Caron,R.Alexis   2008-2010   Learn more about the amazing boa constrictor.


Comments (3)

Ms. Davis said

at 7:49 pm on Apr 11, 2009

Hi Alexis! You are off to a good start. I know you must have a lot more information to add. So far, though, I think you could add to the "Appearances" section. Take a look at a picture and describe it for someone who has never seen a Boa Constrictor!
Keep working hard!

Alexis Caron said

at 12:23 pm on Apr 12, 2009

hi alexis ill be watching your web page to see how your doing and find out more about the boa great job so far

Alexis Caron said

at 8:37 pm on Jul 3, 2009

I think you did a great job Alexis I cant wait to find out more about the boa constrictor.

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